Bruteforce facebook using python and dictionary

(This is not a facebook hack tool , in fact, a facebook hack tool doesnot even exist , please read carefully that it is just  a script in python to bruteforce facebook for educational purposes only)

Here is a way to bruteforce facebook password of any account . The tool is coded in python . You need to have Python 2.7.3 and mechanize (a python library) installed on your PC.

1)- To download Python in windows goto  (download 2.7.x version)
Linux machine come with python as preinstalled developer’s tools.

2)- To install mechanize goto

just download zip if you are in windows and tar.gz, if you are running Linux machine.

3)-Now for windows, copy all files from C:/Python27 to C:/Windows/System32

Go to step 5 for linux

4)-Now goto directory of download mechanize in cmd . (the location where you extracted mechanize)

5)- Now run  python install cmd


Now YOU are ready to execute the program

Download the .py file from following link after skipping add

now just open the bruteforcer with idle . To open IDLE , just click ‘windows’ button and searh for ‘idle’

Press Ctrl + N to open new window . To run the Program , Simply press F5.

You should obtain following output :

Happy cracking !!!

Warning : This Information is for educational purposes only!!! xD


  1. How do you open the downloaded module with idle



    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 8, in
    import mechanize
    ImportError: No module named mechanize

    how can i fix this problem?

    • i have downloaded it from the source but it still shows the same message.

    • i have install mechanize from the given link please tell me in which folder can i place this mechanize

  3. To open the facebook bruteforcer with idle , simply go to file , right click it and click on 'edit with idle' . Press F5 to run it

    If you are have any further problems , please let me know!

  4. The password path is where you have your dictionary , for example if you downloaded the bruteforcer in your desktop, you should enter C:/dictionary.txt

  5. i'm getting a syntax error when i run the code? don't know why. i'm not used to python so i'm unable to go through line by line to find a mistake.

  6. I am having trouble where it says to run the "./configure" ….. I have no idea how. I just feel full retard right now =/. Plox help!!!

  7. Please ellaborate your problem , what are you trying to configure ? Is it installing mechanize or configuring the bruteforcer ? Please menion

  8. Oh it did work , thanks for the tool! a little slow , though ! I want to see the speed enhanced !

    Good work though! works for me! Thanks

  9. Hey Kara tko ,

    Why are you not being able to download ?

    Is there no offers available for your country ?

    Please help me by downloading so that I can continue this giveaway.


  10. why do I have to answer a survey anytime I try to download a script

  11. can you upload it to mediafire sir admin?
    i've tried all of the offers,but none of them work,the file still unlocked πŸ™

  12. I cant download it , the survey wont work in my country

    Can anyone send it at skype ? my skype name is smedvico

  13. hey in the 4th step it says : mechanize 0.2.5 is not recognizable as an internal and external command,operable program or batch file…what should i do?????

  14. I'm getting a Sytnax error could you please help πŸ™‚

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