Security and privacy issues in facebook photos due to graph search

Even though facebook graph search is an interesting feature recently added in facebook, for some people , the first impression has been ‘creepy’

In graph search you can search terms like
‘Movies that movie actors like’
‘People going to watch today’s soccer match’
‘People who like wine ‘

and this would refer to someone totally unrelated to you except that in your search query .

Graph search promises to show only the contents that are publicly accessible to you. That implies same search will produce different results for different people.

Due to this feature , people totally unconcerned with you can find you in results . This can make it necessary to make everything private on your timeline ,  a fear of ‘being shown on other people’s ‘ search results.

So, if you are wanting your Facebook to be a private place for you , where no one you don’t know bothers you , you’d better make every of your post and interests private in privacy settings of your account.

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